"Listening to Ricardo Cardenas play is a sublime experience: he’s an accomplished classical guitarist with an informed knowledge of South American composers and their works.  Ricardo is a true talent, not to be missed. "
       Sean Garvey, Tigard Public Library

" After performing at the 2005 World Beat Festival, we returned often
to the stage area to hear what  other people were doing. Knowing nothing about
Ricardo Cárdenas, we were blown away  this
 perfection  in both classical and folkloric areas.
 Sporting a and relaxed style, which bespeaks great
  comfort with his repertoire, he is quite disarming. One can easily
  be lulled into a merely  comfortable enjoyment,  missing the
  extraordinary nature of the performance. As I was well versed in
  much of the classical guitar repertoire. I can attest to the spectacular
  nature of the rendition. Thought I did not know his precise folkloric
  examples, we do perform World Music from around the world and
  I can say that I have rarely enjoyed a performanceas much.... He is
  truly a great treasure  for us in the Oregon arts community,
  someone not to be missed!"
       Ira Frankel

  " I saw/heard you at Martin Luther King Jr celebration
  today and your ability and music really impressed me.
  I would love to buy a CD of your music, Is one
  available? I will be checking back at your site to try
  to catch you playing a live, local show again. Keep up
  the beautiful work!"
       Holly Ellingson

  "Dear Ricardo, Thank you for working on this project. When you
  play your guitar, I know I am in the presence of a master! Beautiful.
  Thank you"
        Bonnie Simoa

  "Dear Ricardo, Thank you for your wonderful performance at
  The Daffodil Festival.  Despite your getting lost, you still
  made up for lost time. Everyone enjoyed your performance.
  Thank you again"
        Joyce Engel

  " Ricardo, Thank you so much for your wonderful performance at the
  Plein Air Art Festival.I 've hear such great things from those who
   were there about your music. I'd love to have you back to play
   at another event in the future"
        Laura DeGust

  " Ricardo, Your enchanting Latin American rhythms give me wings.
  I fin myself at times gliding carefree among melodious white clouds,
  at times energized by your thunderous roars of pasion! Keep your
  music coming, my friend. We can all use your rich, healing sounds.
  Count on me at your future performances! "
        Bruno Kamps

 Sweetheart Market
" Ricardo!
 Thank you! Thank you for your inspiring and
 comforting music."
  Mary Lou Goertzen